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I have used the same chiropractor for many years, and decided logistically it was time to find someone closer. It's a risk for sure, because you as a patient become very familiar with how your body responds, and what it likes as far as types of adjustments.

I'm so happy that I found the Aragao practice! The office in Cumberland is very nice, very friendly and professional staff! I initially went into the Woonsocket office to schedule a visit, and the lady was so helpful and accommodating, I was very impressed and grateful! She even took the time after I had left, to make sure I knew my first visit would be in the Cumberland office.

Dr Dave is very nice. He finds out what your previous chiro experiences have been, previous problems and what today's troublesome issues are. He's very open to being told what works for you, and I can tell it's important to him that you feel that you get everything out of his services. This shows me that he actually cares, and doesn't think of his patients as "cash cows", "let's get them in and out as quickly as possible!"

Also what I like, is how they prepare you for your visit. Depending on your symptoms, they will use a tens machine, or the laser along with the warming pads to relax all your muscles, before they get to work on your adjustments! This makes it easier for them, and gets you nice and relaxed so everything moves into place easily! He has some different styles to his work that I wasn't familiar with, but I like them and they worked!

I highly recommend this practice to anyone and everyone! I've been very impressed so far! Great service, great staff, and I've liked experiencing and learning their approach to chiropractic treatment! Give them a try, you won't be disappointed.
Gez L.
Blackstone, MA

Dr. Fran and Dr. Dave are both exceptional chiropractors. I started bringing my daughter to them when she was 2 months old to help with her acid reflux. Dr. Fran spent 30 minutes with us at our first appointment asking us questions and explaining how adjustments can help. Almost a year later, I still bring my daughter in every few weeks and it has helped tremendously. I recommend them to anyone and everyone who is seeking professional, kind and courteous doctors.
Erin J.
Cumberland, RI

Dr Dave and Dr Fran are both so friendly and helpful!
Nicole L
Lincoln, RI

Dr. Dave and Dr. Fran are two of the most caring professionals that follow through with unsurpassed service and results. I've walked in with pain and left ready to take on the world and new challenges. Thanks to Drs Aragao for creating such a caring and professional environment. I recommend them frequently to friends, family, and co-workers and have always received great feedback from everyone I have sent their way! Keep up the great work!!!!
Peter L.
Cumberland, RI

Great practice with great doctors and staff! I work at a computer all day and had terrible shoulder and neck pains. Only a few quick visits and I was back to new! Dr. Aragao gave me a range of activities that I perform at my desk every day and I have been pain free ever since! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a reliable chiropractor.
Tim K
Waltham, MA

My family has been coming here for many years. We have never had any problems with our care or the office in general. Both doctors are very professional and caring people - always follow up on us to make sure all is well.
We highly recommend this practice and the level of service provided
Doreen R
Lincoln, RI

Love it here. I've been to both Dr. Fran and Dr. Dave. Both are fantastic and have helped my back issues. Front desk staff is so friendly. Highly recommend.
Kathy L.
Cumberland, RI

I walk in with my back killing me. With just 2 adjustments I felt like new. Great place!
Lori R.
Providence, RI

Thank you to you both. I'm a new patient. You are both so nice. Glad I came to you guys. I will be back when needed.
Darlene B.
Woonsocket, RI

Amazing visit this morning. Decreased pain by 50%. So glad you were able to see me. Thank you.
Lisa M.
North Smithfield, RI

Great Place. Dr. Dave did his magic. Now I'm on the road to standing tall again.
Tim D.
Cumberland, RI

Both Dr. Fran and Dr. Dave are wonderful. They both have helped me when I was in pain!!!!
Michele D.
Woonsocket, RI

Dr's Dave and Fran Aragao run a first class chiropractic practice in two locations; Cumberland and Woonsocket. The atmosphere is casual with their friendly operating staff, who keeps things running smoothly. Not much time is spent in the waiting area as appointments are kept close to schedule. Treatment rooms are kept clean and tidy with light jazz piped in at a soothing volume. Very pleased with the treatment results so far on my achy-breaky back.
Tom H.
Lincoln, RI

Great guy & chiropractor, I’ve been going for years, whenever I feel the need & have a issue. I go see him great results!
David G.
Woonsocket, RI

Great Family run Chiropractic business, they do a fantastic job scheduling me in with my difficult work schedule. I feel great every time I leave my appointment.
Kevin D.
Cumberland, RI

Look forward to every appointment!
Stephanie A.
Woonsocket, RI

Great family business and very friendly staff. Happy every time I leave and feel much better.
Nick P.
Woonsocket, RI

I have been visiting both Dr. David and Dr. Frances Aragao for a couple of years now for a variety of ailments and I have nothing but good things to say about them. Not only are they great doctors, but they are great people. The staff is also friendly and welcoming! I have moved out of the area, but I will continue to visit Aragao Family Chiropractic because I know they are the best.
Katie L.
Providence, RI

Aragao Family Chiropractic is an extremely professional and friendly office. The doctor and the staff are always willing to assist with any schedule conflict, as well as last minute appointments due to immediate onset of back pain. Dr. Aragao always explains the procedure and what to expect next. I have been a patient for over 15 years and will continue to refer people to this office.
Seana C.
Cumberland, RI

I have been seeing Dr. David Aragao for over 9 years and every visit has been exceptional. I have also seen Dr. Fran Aragao on several occasions as well. They both have been professional, kind, compassionate and caring. Just before moving to RI I had an auto accident in TN and I was in a lot of pain. A new friend in RI had highly recommended them and I have been so thankful for the great referral and for the doctors. I highly recommend them both. They are wonderful people.
Jeane M.
Cumberland, RI

My entire family and I have been patients of Aragao Family Chiropractic since we moved to Rhode Island in 1998. I’ve always touted their services to people I meet and now with social media and sites like this I can really get the word out. As an active person I have appreciated the benefits of chiropractic since I was a teenager.
Al N.
Cumberland, RI

I recently became a patient here and I have to say, the customer service they provide is probably one of the best I have experienced with any health professional. Dr. Aragao explains everything in detail to ensure you understand what is happening to you as well as how the treatment will resolve or help the issue. I would highly recommend!
Renee D.
Woonsocket, RI

I came here primarily because of the close proximity to my office. The staff is friendly and the doctor is wonderful. He did a very good diagnosing the issue I was having and starting treatment. So far after a few visits I'm very pleased I came here.
Alain L
Hopkinton, MA

Dr. Dave Aragao has been a very important part of my wellness and recovery team. His depth of knowledge, compassion and support of the "whole" person is what differentiates him in his field.
Kathleen D.
Cumberland, RI

Dr. David Arago is the best Chiropractor in RI hands down!!! He is a very compassionate man who deeply cares for his patients. He has been my Chiropractor for almost 10 years and I will never go anywhere else! Thank you so much Dr. Dave for all you have done for me....YOUR THE BEST!!!!
Sara D.
Manvile, RI

Thank you Aragao family chiropractic for helping me get through all my aches and pains! I am a college athlete and have been suffering from severe migraines due to a car accident three years ago. I have been to multiple facilities where each of the facilities had no idea how to cure my neck pain and headaches. And finally my friend recommended me to Dr. Dave and he has changed my life with helping me get through my server headaches and neck pain!
Chelsea C.
Providence, RI

I can not thank this family enough for all that they do for me! As a 21 year old female and student athlete, I did not think going to a chiropractor would be a good things for me, I hated the idea of it and the misconception that once you start going you can't stop. In my first appointment I was reassured that this is not the case! Doctor Dave has been EXTREMELY patient with all of my millions of questions. He makes me feel like no question is a stupid question and he never makes me feel rushed or embarrassed to ask them. He takes the time to explain to me what he is doing and why and how it all works. He reassures me when I am worried or anxious and he is always available when I need him.
Stephanie R.
Smithfield, RI

I have been a patient of Aragao Family Chiropractic for 10 years now, ever since I moved to Rhode Island! They have helped me so much and have always gone the extra mile for me. I have found so much relief from my spinal problems and they help me stay pain free...which is important to me because without them I would be in constant pain. I normally see Dr. Dave, however, periodically I see Dr. Fran and I can share from my perspective that they both are excellent in their craft, and are compassionate, caring and professional. They have two locations which makes it very convenient for me as a patient.
Jeane M.
Woonsocket, RI