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Extremity Adjusting

chiropractor cumberland rhode island Extremity AdjustingExtremity Adjusting chiropractor cumberland rhode island

So why do some chiropractors adjust extremities? First let's explain what we mean by an extremity and an adjustment. The extremities are our arms (upper extremity) and legs (lower extremity). These joints include: shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, fingers, hips, knees, ankles, feet, and toes. An adjustment is the term chiropractors use to describe the gentle movments and manipulations used to restore normal joint movement.

Chiropractors have always looked to the spine for fixations (joints with abnormal movement or even no movement). These fixations can also occur in your extremities. These extremity problems can sometimes be associated with chronic spinal problems as well.

Possible symptoms of extremity fixations may include:

  • pain in the extremities or in extremity joints
  • fatigue in the extremities
  • weakness in the extremities
  • catches in the extremity joints
  • stiffness or immobility in the extremity joints
  • chronic cervical problems
  • chronic back problems

The goal of extremity adjusting is to restore normal movment to the joint. In addition to adjusting, an extremity condition may also benefit from LaserTherapy, Kinesiologytaping and physiotherapymodalities.